Paslode 403854 BUMPER RETAINER


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Paslode 403854 BUMPER RETAINER

Fits the following Paslode Tools:

3150-38-W16DL Stapler
3150-38_I16 Medium Crown Stapler
3150-38_I18 Medium Crown Stapler
3150-38_N18 Stapler
3150-38_S16 Medium Crown Stapler
3150-38_W16 Widecrown Stapler
3150-38_W16BF Wide Crown Stapler
3150-38_W16R Wide Crown Stapler
3150_38-N18 Narrow Crown Stapler
3150_38-W16 Wide Crown Stapler
3150_38-W16DL Wide Crown Stapler
3175RCU Roofing Coil Nailer
3175_RC Roofing Coil Nailer
3175_RCU Roofing Coil Nailer
3200-50-C Coil Nailers
3200-50-S16_DL Stapler
3200-50_CP Coil Nailer
3200-50_I16P Stapler
3200-50_S16DL Stapler
3200-50_S16P Stapler
3200-50_W16 Widecrown Stapler
3200-50_W16DL Wide Crown Stapler
3200_50-C Coil Nailer
3200_50-I16P Medium Crown Stapler
3200_50-S16DL Medium Crown Stapler
3200_50-S16P Medium Crown Stapler
3200_50-W16 Wide Crown Stapler
3250-65-F14 Finish Nailer
3250-F16 Finish Nailer
3250-F_16 Finish Nailer
3250_65-F14 Finish Nailer

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