Makita 687002-9 STRAIN RELIEF


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Makita 687002-9 STRAIN RELIEF

Fits the following Makita Tools:

3901 Plate Joiner
2708 Table Saw
4014NV Blower
4301BV Jig Saw
6302H Drill
6303H Drill
6300LR Drill
6510LVR Drill
6802BV Screwdriver
6820V Screwdriver
6905B Impact Wrench
6906 Impact Wrench
9207SPC Polisher
9217SPC Sander / Polisher
9503BH Grinder
9505BH Grinder
9741 Wheel Sander
HP2010N Hammer Drill
HR2000 Rotary Hammer
JN3200 Nibbler
JS1670 Metal Shear
JS3200 Metal Shear
PC1100 Concrete Planer
2106 Band Saw
6013BR Drill
HK1810 Scraper
HM0810B Demolition Hammer
9218SB Sander
6302 Drill
6303 Drill
9218PB Polisher
9218PBL Polisher
5005BA Circular Saw
6301LR Electric Drill
6403 Electric Drill
1002BA Curved Base Planer
4302C Electronic Jig Saw
3601B Router
N1923B 3-1/4″ Power Planer
3620 Router
6402 3/8″ Electric Drill


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